Photographer Glasgow

The design journey for Photographer Glasgow’s website was a captivating exploration into the artistry of headshot photography—an endeavour to weave together professionalism, personality, and the timeless beauty of individual stories.

About the process

My mission was not just to create a website but to craft a digital gallery that resonates with the human essence captured by Photographer Glasgow’s lens.
Before the first click of the camera, I immersed myself in conversations with Andy at Photographer Glasgow—a studio specialising in LinkedIn portraits, actor headshots, and office headshots. This understanding became the soul of the design—a commitment to creating a digital space that mirrored the professionalism, approachability, and artistry that Photographer Glasgow brings to each session.

The chosen brand colours—black and blue—were not just a visual decision; they were a palette of professional sophistication. Black, sleek and timeless, symbolises the classic elegance Photographer Glasgow brings to each portrait. Blue, calming and trustworthy, represents the trust and reliability established during the photo sessions. Together, they formed a palette that mirrors the professional essence Photographer Glasgow captures in every headshot.

In typography, a clean and modern Sans Serif font was chosen to convey a sense of clarity and contemporary elegance. The font’s simplicity allowed for easy readability, aligning with Photographer Glasgow’s commitment to transparent communication and professional aesthetics. Typography became a vessel to guide visitors through the website, framing each visual story with a touch of modernity.

Creating an intuitive and user-friendly navigation experience was paramount. The website structure was meticulously designed to guide visitors through the various headshot services offered by Photographer Glasgow. Each page unfolded like chapters of a professional narrative, inviting users to explore the diverse portfolio—a digital space where professional stories find their visual voice.

Beyond functionality, the website became a canvas for visual storytelling. Thoughtfully selected visuals, from polished LinkedIn portraits to dynamic actor headshots, were curated to showcase the range and artistry of Photographer Glasgow’s work. The images were chosen not just for their technical brilliance but for their ability to convey the essence of each professional identity captured—a testament to the studio’s dedication to visual storytelling.

Understanding that the website would be accessed across various devices, the design embraced responsiveness. Whether viewed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, the user experience remained consistent. The responsive design ensured that Photographer Glasgow’s visual narratives adapted seamlessly to every screen, accommodating the diverse needs of professionals seeking visual identity.