Petty Cow

The design journey for Petty Cow, a whimsical Etsy haven, was a delightful venture into the world of sassy humour, unabashed pettiness, and a splash of vibrant pink. My mission was to craft a logo that not only spoke volumes about the brand but also became a visual invitation to a world where sass is celebrated, and laughter is served in every mug and art print.

About the process

Through lively conversations and a deep dive into the essence of the brand, I discovered the charm of sassy humour and the irreverent joy that defines Petty Cow’s offerings. This understanding became the foundation upon which the logo and branding would be built—a celebration of cheeky wit and a touch of audacious humour.

The chosen brand colour, a lively shade of pink, is more than a visual choice—it’s a celebration of playfulness and vibrancy. Pink became the backdrop against which the sass and humour of Petty Cow could shine. It symbolises the audacity to be bold, to stand out, and to throw sass around like confetti—a hue that echoes the essence of the brand.

The Sans Serif font selected for “Petty Cow” is clean, modern, and devoid of unnecessary frills—a typography choice that mirrors the straightforward and unapologetically sassy spirit of the brand. Each letter in the logo became a reflection of the witty, no-nonsense personality that Petty Cow exudes.

The tagline, “throw sass around like confetti,” is not just a phrase; it’s a manifesto. Placed alongside the brand name, it became a playful reminder of the irreverent joy that each Petty Cow product brings. The tagline captures the essence of the brand—encouraging customers to embrace their sassy side and sprinkle humour like confetti in their lives.

The composition of the logo was a balancing act. The Sans Serif font and the tagline were meticulously arranged to create a visual harmony. It wasn’t just about conveying sass; it was about ensuring that the logo remained simple, memorable, and instantly recognisable—a visual testament to the uncomplicated joy of Petty Cow.

Designing for Petty Cow was a process filled with laughter and joy. The tagline served as a constant reminder to infuse every design element with a playful spirit. Collaborative feedback loops with the owner of Petty Cow ensured that the final design didn’t just meet expectations; it captured the heart, soul, and sass of the brand.