Kalloway Design

In crafting the Kalloway Design logo and branding, it was more than design; it was a commitment to creating a visual identity that resonated with the rich heritage and craftsmanship of Scotland.

About the process

The logo design for Kalloway Design, a haven of Scottish-themed art and homeware, was a journey into the heart of heritage, creativity, and the timeless beauty of Scotland. As a freelance designer, my mission was not just to create a visual identity but to craft a symbol that encapsulated the rich tapestry of Scottish culture and craftsmanship.

The chosen brand colours—black and white—were not just a visual decision; they were a homage. Black, a symbol of sophistication and timelessness, mirrored the depth of Scottish history. White, pure and pristine, represented the purity of Scotland’s landscapes. Together, they formed a monochrome palette that celebrated the enduring beauty of Scottish traditions.

In the choice of typography, a Serif font was selected for “Kalloway Design.” The classic serifs and timeless appeal of Serif conveyed elegance and a nod to tradition—essential elements in Scottish heritage. The typography wasn’t just letters; it became a bridge between the contemporary and the classic, echoing the sophisticated craftsmanship that defines Kalloway Design’s offerings.

Beyond functionality, the logo became a canvas for visual storytelling. The text-only design, with its Serif font, served as a visual representation of the timeless elegance that defines Scottish traditions. Each element, from the crisp letters to the spacing and alignment, conveyed the meticulous attention to detail—the hallmark of Scottish craftsmanship.

Understanding that the logo would be encountered across various devices, the design embraced responsiveness. Whether viewed on a desktop or a smartphone, the visual identity remained consistent. The responsive design ensured that the Kalloway Design logo adapted seamlessly to every context, reflecting the brand’s adaptability and commitment to providing a unified experience.

Holding up a business card mockup