Just Breathe O2

The design journey for Just Breathe O2’s website was an immersive exploration into the healing realms of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). My mission was not just to create a website but to craft a digital haven that mirrored the tranquillity, hope, and transformative potential that Just Breathe O2 brings to individuals seeking wellness.

About the process

Before the first digital breath was taken, I immersed myself in conversations with Beth at Just Breathe O2 —a compassionate individual dedicated to offering the healing benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This understanding became the heartbeat of the design—a commitment to creating a digital space that resonates with the warmth and hope that Just Breathe O2 embodies.

The chosen brand colours—blue and white—were not just a visual decision; they were a palette of healing. Blue, calming and serene, symbolises tranquility and depth, mirroring the restorative nature of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. White, pure and pristine, represents the hope and renewal offered by Just Breathe O2. Together, they formed a palette that mirrors the tranquil waters of rejuvenation and the purity of healing.

In typography, a Sans Serif font was chosen to convey clarity, modernity, and a touch of simplicity. The clean lines and unadorned style of the font echoed the straightforward, no-nonsense approach of Just Breathe O2 in delivering healing benefits. Typography became a vessel, guiding visitors through information with an air of approachability and reassurance.

Creating an intuitive and user-friendly navigation experience was paramount. The website structure was meticulously designed to guide visitors through the various aspects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy offered by Just Breathe O2. Each page unfolded like chapters of a healing journey, inviting users to explore the transformative potential of therapeutic oxygen—a digital sanctuary where wellness is just a breath away.

Beyond functionality, the website became a canvas for visual storytelling. Thoughtfully selected visuals, from serene blue landscapes to comforting images of the therapy chambers, were curated to evoke a sense of calm and hope. The images were chosen not just for their aesthetic appeal but for their ability to convey the essence of the healing journey offered by Just Breathe O2—a path towards rejuvenation and wellness.

Understanding that the website would be accessed across various devices, the design embraced responsiveness. Whether viewed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, the user experience remained consistent. The responsive design ensured that Just Breathe O2’s healing journey adapted seamlessly to every screen, accommodating the diverse needs of individuals seeking wellness.