Cruthachail Copy

With this website, I aimed to create a digital space that echoed the warmth, creativity, and professionalism inherent in the art of copywriting.

About the process

The first step in this journey was immersing myself in the world of Cruthachail Copy. Through a deep dive into the company’s ethos, I sought to understand the soul of the brand. What emerged was a vision of creativity, innovation, and a commitment to telling stories that resonate. This understanding became the compass guiding our design choices.

The chosen colour palette—red, yellow, and navy—wasn’t just a visual decision; it was a language. Red, bold and energetic, symbolises passion and the power of impactful words. Yellow, warm and inviting, reflects the creative energy behind each narrative. Navy, grounded and sophisticated, represents the professionalism and trust that Cruthachail Copy instills in its clients. Together, they formed a harmonious symphony of hues that spoke volumes about the brand’s personality.

Creating an intuitive and user-friendly navigation experience was paramount. The website’s structure was designed to guide visitors seamlessly through the world of copywriting services, showcasing the diverse offerings and expertise of Cruthachail Copy. A balance between simplicity and depth, the navigation mirrored the approach of crafting clear and compelling narratives.

Beyond functionality, the website became a canvas for storytelling. Immersive visuals, carefully selected to complement the brand’s identity, invited visitors to connect emotionally with the power of words. From impactful taglines to engaging imagery, every element was a testament to the company’s dedication to the art of storytelling.

Understanding that the website would be accessed across various devices, the design embraced responsive principles. The user experience was crafted to be consistent and enjoyable, whether viewed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. A seamless transition across devices ensured that Cruthachail Copy’s story was accessible to everyone, everywhere.