Copywriter Glasgow

Embarking on the design journey for Copywriter Glasgow was an exploration of words, creativity, and the essence of storytelling. I delved deep into the heart of this copywriting studio, seeking to create a visual identity that not only resonated with the craft but also spoke to the human connection within it.

About the process

Before putting pen to paper, I engaged in discovery conversations with the visionary minds behind Copywriter Glasgow. This was more than a design project; it was a quest to understand the heartbeat of a studio dedicated to crafting compelling narratives. The brand’s identity unfolded as a journey of inspiration, creativity, and the power of words to spark emotions.

The chosen brand colour—black—became the canvas upon which the story of Copywriter Glasgow would unfold. Black isn’t just a colour; it’s a universe of possibilities. It symbolises sophistication, depth, and a timeless elegance that mirrors the enduring impact of well-crafted words. Black became the silent narrator, setting the stage for the storytelling journey.

In the choice of a Sans Serif font for “Copywriter Glasgow,” simplicity became the unsung hero of the narrative. The clean lines and contemporary feel of Sans Serif mirrored the studio’s commitment to clarity and modernity. Each letter became a note in the symphony of storytelling, forming a visual rhythm that echoed the simplicity and elegance of the craft.

In a world often cluttered with complexities, the logo design embraced simplicity. The intricate dance of elements was a deliberate choice to create a logo that’s not just seen but felt. Every aspect was meticulously refined to ensure that simplicity spoke louder than complexity, reflecting the studio’s commitment to clear, impactful communication.