Cruthachail Copy

Designing the logo and branding for Cruthachail Copy was more than just a logo design —it was a journey of connection and creativity.

About the process

Before drafting up any logo designs, I dove deep into Cruthachail Copy to understand their passion, aspirations, and the feel they wanted to exude became the guiding light for the design journey. We weren’t just crafting a logo; we were telling a story.

Choosing the right fonts was like picking the right words for a conversation. The typography had to speak the language of professionalism and modernity, mirroring the essence of Cruthachail Copy. It was about creating a visual voice that resonated with the audience.

Colours are more than pixels; they are emotions on a canvas. The chosen yellow palette was deliberate, evoking feelings of warmth, creativity, and a sunny disposition. Yellow became the hue that symbolised the vibrancy and energy of crafting compelling narratives. The colour palette was a spectrum of emotions, inviting everyone to feel the sunshine within the brand.

A logo should be as adaptable as a good story. We crafted a design that seamlessly fit into various mediums, from the simplicity of a business card to the expansiveness of digital platforms. The logo became a storyteller, fitting into the narrative of Cruthachail Copy wherever it went.